About Jaun



My name is Jaun!

I’m a Digital Designer and Illustrator. I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, and took up a course that I wasn’t totally interested in, whereas I learned completely new things. Hey, I survived!

I am fascinated with art and anything that has to do with oriental and European bits and pieces. I love to draw. I write randomness in small pieces of paper.

ALREADY HAPPILY EMPLOYED (thank you Dilian for pointing this out!), and still working on art and graphic stuff on my spare time. View my portfolio HERE. 🙂

I’m a Christian. The religion is not the point. It’s how you are in your faith that counts, how it reflects in your life.

Currently, I am managing too many SNS. This WordPress blog is dedicated to my personal/spiritual life; whatever happens to me, I write it in here. I try to make it a point that I write daily, because this blog serves as a diary to me and since the generation’s technology is getting more advanced, websites will have more lifespan compared to papers that can be easily burnt. (Not unless WordPress suddenly cuts its service to everybody.)

That’s about it. お楽しみしてね!

See my other creations!


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