‘You should love a person not because the way they seem in your dreams, but for the way they really are. Because if you know someone’s weaknesses, insecurities, the traits they hate about themselves and the experiences that haunt them, and you choose to love them nonetheless, then you’re loving them most truly: as a real person.

—Grabbed from Thought Catalog

I may not be the woman he needs, nor the woman who passed his standards, but I could only stay hopeful and grow to be a woman worth loving. For all the days that God made and I am with this person, I always feel so loved, and that is more than something. I remember he told me a warning that night on our ?th date: that he might not be the man that I need nor the man that I am idealizing. I got to admit that during that night, I was worried that he may not be all that I want and need, but fast forward to now, I don’t really mind about that anymore.

Because I have learned to love him for all that he is, for all that he has been, and for all the he’s yet to be…


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