Day by day


Today, I am reminded not to hurt someone physically just to defend myself, like I usually do when I get mad. Today, I learned to be 100x more mindful of the things that come out of my mouth, and hopefully will continue to do so until the rest of the days in my life. Because when you hurt the ones you love, you only hurt yourself twice as much.

Tonight, I was not uncomfortable with silence. Not because I am too tired, nor was I so worried and I can’t forget about what I did. Although I was a bit itching to break the silence, I tried to be calm and just go with it. I am alright with these moments, because it just draws me closer to that special person I am with without having to say anything. I felt content. It felt like talking without words because you are listening and understanding with the heart.

Today, I realized that if you really love someone, show it. NEVER hesitate to show it. (Note to self, everyday.)

Tonight, all I needed is a hug. I never liked hugs before, and this moment is when I found out that just one hug makes me forget all the bad days, makes me stronger, makes me happy again, makes me feel that I am loved despite my shortcomings.


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