So what if I am flat-chested or have small breasts?

Too many memes on the Internet about what girls could NOT do because of being flat-chested. For example:

Okay, fine. Let’s clear some things:
1) I am not that flat-chested; maybe it’s small but idgas and,
2) I am not bitter about it


So, what I wanted to say is come on, girls. Don’t look at your breasts that way, that just because you have small ones it SHOULD make you less attractive (or feel like that). IT DOES NOT. I am a firm believer here that physical beauty counts (as it is what attracts us first, refer to human nature) but it’s just a bonus. The intelligence is what makes humans sexier. Cliché (!!!) but you lot have to give a lot of thought to it!

So you think you can control a man by your breasts? It does not depend there alone, my dear. You still have to use the brain (Hello, brainwash!) Besides, a man does not only look at your breasts to decide whether they’d smash or dash. Bingo!

Probably, I’m not sure but I might be right at this, the mind is located at the topmost part of our structure because it is the very first one we use to do everything, it is the first to operate above all, yet it is the only one that will leave a lasting impression. Or that’s just me.

Hey ho here she goes. Either a little too high or a little too low. Got no self-esteem and vertigo. Cause she thinks she’s made of candy.

…But is 34B really categorized as small nowadays?


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