Neo-Centennial Graduation 2012

16 years of schooling is finally over! I have just graduated from the university last March 31, 2012. Although I didn’t bring home any honors (cum laude, magna, etc), this still serves as an honor for my parents and relatives who were always there to support me during my days in school and the university. At long last, we made it. I did not go through this journey alone, because all these people are backing me up and the Almighty God never failed to lead me to the right direction and help me keep my hopes up, so I made it up to this point!


Still, I can’t deny that it frightened me a little after the event happened. It would not be the same as before, that the weekdays will surely be classes at the uni, seeing my mates once again, and all that jazz.

Here is the dread of being unemployed, waking mornings not really knowing what to accomplish for the rest of the week.

I’m not that awfully gutted. For all I know, there is a company waiting for me and I am fit to what they need… I just have to wait for God’s timing. Bottom line is, I have goals set for the year, and He makes it happen. Actually, He already made parts of it happen on the first early months of this year. I can never be so blessed than this. Thank you Lord for the successes You have given me! And it continues… 🙂


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