Oops, I don’t really know where to start.

Photo by: carmanitamonroe.wordpress.com

I would describe 2011 in two words: tough and challenging. I couldn’t even list down every single one because they are just numerous, but most of them definitely taught me how to cope up with such difficult situations, and overcome them. Some of the greatest challenges I/we had in 2011:

  1. Global Recession
  2. My dad resigned from his job in Saudi Arabia. Unemployed for 7 months
  3. Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
  4. My first and toughest experience as a trainee during my internship
  5. Savings and bankruptcy (of my account)
  6. First ever failed subject in the University (dude, I’m afraid to be delayed)
  7. Struggles in petition class (due to the failed subject)
  8. Love life challenges (1st guy I fell head over heels in college, it’s now a real good-bye)

The events were, of course, much more than that! But these ones are just the toughest… And in these days, despite of the sorrow and difficulty, God’s grace was ever present. I/we really felt His love blossoming through during these days. But I learned a great thing from these 2011 happenings: A problem always has a solution and no problem lasts long. I realized during my pondering days that in the end, these problems were overcame.

  1. Everybody’s restarting their businesses once again, people getting employed on other countries
  2. Dad finally got a job last September in China
  3. Japanese people little by little trying to restore their lives, and are living normally and happily each day ’til now. Enduring still even every tiny earthquakes. I believe their faith got stronger.
  4. Finally ended the internship peacefully (even if they didn’t give my income)
  5. Slowly regaining my savings :>
  6. Successfully got our petition class for the failed subject! (BONUS: The professor was so great at teaching I understood everything I haven’t the 1st time I took it. The Lord wanted me to graduate on time! :D)
  7. Finally moved-on… and met international friends! 🙂

I am so glad that I even got more devoted to the Lord this 2011. Really, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. I am thankful for all these memories shared and made, plus all the new experiences I had on 2011.

THE LORD IS ALWAYS WITH US. Have a blessed year everyone! 🙂

And the journey continues…

P.S. I studied Bisaya during 2011, and I’m done with it… This 2012, I am going beyond my boundaries. I will be studying German! Also, I am graduating this year! 😀

P.P.S. Don’t be afraid if it’s really the end of the world this year. Live life. Seek God, and He will find you!


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