November 7, 2011.

“Someone asked you a question in Formspring.”

“That’s unexpected,” I thought. The last time I received a question from a random person was weeks ago, and those were questions related to my high school and personal life. But this time… it’s a question from out of nowhere.

At first I was shocked, because the question was totally random! I wasn’t expecting any more questions after that because I thought somebody must just be tripping or bored so he/she decided to ask anyone a question. But after that one question, series of questions followed. I mean, every time I finished answering one, there goes another. The questions are not difficult but actually mind-boggling!! I got suspicious, thinking who could this anonymous be.

I’m getting used to it; as a matter of fact, I’m waiting for every question to arrive. It’s like a leisure after a long, tiring day. It’s exciting and nervous at the same time, though I don’t really get the point but it got me thinking, “Somebody wants to know me more.”

And I’m fine with that, only if anonymous will consider introducing himself one day.
Oh, anonymous did not ask a question tonight. So mysterious, huh?

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