Intuition? Clairvoyance?

People who have known me so well also know the fact that I could foresee a happening to them in the near future, in two days, or just a few minutes later. Or even feel it. I don’t know how that happens, whether it’s a gift or not… But it just became stronger recently.

I don’t know why most of my dreams turn out to be happening already in a day or two, and usually the dreams and happenings I foresee are about the people that I know. After my dream about the wedding last Saturday (that has actually a connection with the churchmate I met that day), I then started blabbering to two of my friends that something is happening to someone, and that even though it might hurt, I am actually happy to know it (if my instincts are right). I don’t know WHY I thought of that someone in the first place, we were not even talking and I don’t even know what he has been up to in the past days. Will you regard me as crazy since I wished for it to happen 4 days ago?

And so, since today was our first day back in the university, I found out I was actually right! I haven’t seen anything, then suddenly everyone started asking me things if I’ve seen it or what. I told them “Yeah” even though I didn’t really see it, because I just “knew” it. Then they recalled everything I told them days before, and when they tried to fit the pieces together, it turned out as what happened. You know, (this is a secret between you and me, I don’t care who reads this but) I wrote a letter for him telling everything I needed to say, but I started it with an, “I might not be able to say this again someday”. And guess what, I will not be able to say it now or next time because of my “deep thinking” delay on, “Should I give it or not? When?”.

Well, eureka! The delay is the best thing though. The right time was “never”! Plus I don’t want to sever someone else’s ties or be a cause of mayhem. I never wanted to trust my instincts because it could be unreliable and unsure, but being able to have a strong feeling and seeing what is going to happen in my dreams is a lil OK, at least I could plan an action in advance. No matter how tardy I am in school, I always want to be ready for what’s to come. I am also sure of that Automata failure coming but I just didn’t accept it right away (dreamt about it for 5 times on the duration of the semester! Geez).

It’s still ALWAYS best to rely onto what God has planned for me.

Whether it’s a premonition or precognition, it doesn’t matter. I want to have the gift of prophecy than either of those. Now I have to figure out who’s gonna get married.


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