Today’s Insights

These are the things I have realized after I told recent happenings on my life to a senior church member. She explained a lot, and I don’t have that huge brain capacity to remember everything but these are my insights to what she said about my story. The way I perceive these things may change as years pass though. I will get back to this again someday.

Don’t let your emotions hinder you from seeing what you should see and doing what you should do.
Disturbed emotions cause overall disturbance if you let it dominate you. If you are at the peak of your emotions, don’t rush for decisions. More often than not, spontaneous ones lead to failure. Ask yourself, “Is this going to work for a long-term? Will it be worth doing for the following years to come?”

Also, don’t let people decide for you. It is you who is involved, not them. But if ever you let them, don’t blame them. You chose to ask them in the first place. Remember: Advices are a huge help!

God has prepared someone for you. God is a loving and giving God, and He knows exactly what you want. He knows the right time, so wait for that time. He knows everything that will make you happy, and give it to you when you need it. We have our time, yes, but His is the perfect time.

Always remember: Don’t rush. Don’t think, “there’s no more time” because there is really a lot. We go in a hurry because we think the moment will soon be gone. Every good thing can not happen in just one day. The “right time” exists. It will happen if it has to happen, regardless of the circumstance.

A fruit on a tree looks beautiful but if you pick it while it has not ripened yet, it will not taste good.

If faced with a lot of paths, think, “Which one do I need to take right NOW?”. Once you find the path you needed to go, take it. Then take the other paths after you finish the first. Apply the question when deciding which path should go first, second, third, etc.

What is your reason for going into a relationship? What is your purpose once you get in a relationship? Is it to satisfy what your emotions hunger after? Is it just a carnal need? Or is it because you plan to marry the person?

Marriage is a gift, but not that of an easy thing. Once you involve with it, it is for a lifetime. Think think think very well if the person is really the one you need and you would want to be with for your whoooooole life. Once decided, don’t EVER think about, “you can always go for divorce if you don’t want it anymore”. It will pop into your head for some time but dismiss it. Chances are, if you marry not because of your raging hormones (and that is the right person for you) divorce will not exist.
(This is just MY realization today. I know little about this thing because I barely mull over marriage matters. I’ll verify this once I enter a relationship and/or get married lol)

Depression is a worldly thing, don’t let it eat you whole. You are so blessed in A LOT of ways. I assure you.

Nobody said life was easy. Even God did not promise an easy and successful life, but His grace is more than enough for us to live through the challenges.

Life is not about how well/bad you did, how successful you have become, how you act towards people, how you changed the world— everyone will forget about it at some point, and all those things does not matter in the end. Life is about your walk with God.

He does not give you all the difficulties because He wants you to suffer. He wants you to learn, to seek out to Him. To seek the giver, not just the gifts. He loves you so much that He spread the solutions out there. We are just too busy looking at the bad situation that we don’t even bother looking on the other side. You will never know success until you have failed. He always makes the bad situation good.

Ask Him. Listen AND obey. He can not work upon you if you don’t even obey what He tells you. It’s like asking, “How do I get to Dakota?” and you got an answer, but you don’t do as he said. It will take you nowhere or somewhere else.

Nothing is permanent in this world. Our emotions and temper aren’t, either. But God’s love and grace is. Let Him lead you.



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