you are important

you are the CSS to my HTML,
the viand of my every meal,
the sun in my day,
the critical reason for a delay,
the vowels in my lphbt
the stars in the night,
the illuminance in the light,
the only sense when i speak nonsense,
the rainbow after the rain,
the cars driving down the lane,
the “de” before “sign”
the noise in my scream
the images in my dream,

i mean,

enough of the word hunt,
i’ll be blunt:
you are important

not the cliche
“i can’t live without you”
but doing no try,

you created unusual
out of the normal

But if i become superman,
you are kryptonite
i’m wrong
and you’re right
if i am a synonym,
you are the antonym
if i lose,
you win
you could be the fiction
in my reality

but whatever,
let’s just float in the ether,
as we gather
our memories together.


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