Silent Upheaval

“I don’t want you to hate me
when you,
little by little,
begin to see who
I really am —”

Her every declaration,
I could derive thousands of explanation
that could either
make or break what I
think of her

“If I can not
accept myself,
would you?”

she is so ill
suffering from a disease
called “distrust-myself”

which reminded me
of a song,
“I suggest we learn
to love ourselves
before it’s made illegal”

The illegality though,
is inexistent

perhaps I could teach her
what the song meant
(I know how much she would want that)


instead I’ll
tell you a riddle:

an emotion banging
in my chest
grew bigger than
my silence —

(Tell me, how did that emotion surface?)

It could be an uphill battle
but if it turns out a victory,
we will walk
that way someday
But I won’t promise.

She unintentionally
uncovered another part of me.


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