I finally hit the movies after 3 years!

Tuesday. Me and my friends went to watch Paranormal Activity 3 on Trinoma. If you knew me very well, I am not one who’s very fond of watching movies, especially going to cinemas. I find watching in cinemas inconvenient (splurge my money on them? no), and I don’t really like the ambiance but I said yes to my friends when they asked me to watch PA3 last Tuesday, yadda yadda yadda. I think a little change from the usual is fine, yeah?

The scene that showed the moment we entered the cinema was…awkward! And I saw a lot of people cuddling with their partners even if it was dark! Oh well. The movie is fine, although I was not really terrified because most scenes are predictable, and add those audiences who kept on shouting even if it was not yet time to shout. But I was really scared stiff on the part when Toby pulled Katie’s hair (although I was part laughing at that) and on the ending scenes where the grandma’s cult appeared. And the hanging and backbending stuff. EEK! Good one, but I liked Paranormal Activity 1 better. But I was glad I did not scream while watching the movie (though I kept on saying ‘shit’)! Yay!

After that, we went to eat and killed time at Timezone. It was a fun day; too many things happened but since I’m a loafer I ain’t gonna put too much details here. 😉

That ends the day!


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