Good for Nothing.

I saw my grades today.

I continued to be hopeful that the professor would pass me.

Somehow, I had expected the worse already…

But seeing it printed there and already official, it still looks like a big surprise to me.

My mom just got mad at me an hour ago regarding financial stuff…

How would I tell my parents that I failed? If we were just that rich, this might not be a problem.

But we are not.

See, I’m being an additional nuisance in this family, in their lives.

It would definitely be better for them if someone would kill me later.

Those money they put up for my insurance will surely help them.

Lord, forgive me for saying such things, but I can’t really understand and stand what’s happening around me. Why does it seem like You did not listen to me?

Did I become some child of the demon this year that things don’t go in my favor?

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