Caleruega Retreat 2011

The last retreat of my school life!

We spent 3 days in Batangas to depart from our usual stressful academic life. I thought the 3 days was already long, but it wasn’t. Anyway, I thought it would be boring because my past retreats had somehow been like that, but it was a little different. I was expecting to cry though, thank goodness it did not happen. We’re still a few months away from graduation (aka the official parting of ways).

So on our arrival, we were given an orientation about Caleruega, the retreat, and our schedule. Afterwhich we did a few activities like drawing our emblems, the six words, etc. I found it hard to create an emblem for myself because I can’t really think of anything about me except for being volatile/random. Somehow my emblem shows that due to the stubborn designs but I didn’t explain it in that way. I thought about it for 5 hours. 😐 We were asked to create envelopes with our names on it as it will serve as an inbox, like if you want to say something, you write it and put it in. About that, I actually felt lazy to write letters considering there are a lot of people I have to write to, but in the end I was able to write to a few important people. At the same time, I am not expecting to receive a letter because it seemed (at first) that everyone wasn’t going to write. Haha.

On the second day (which is somehow the last day as well), we had an activity where those who are standing have to say something good about the ones who are sitting. Since I was the one sitting, I only got to listen to a round of people telling me good things. It felt awkward! Because I know there are still some people in class, although I know them, I haven’t really had personal experiences or deep relationships with them, so I just told them “It’s okay!” and smiled if they can’t say anything about me. I understand it. Then when it was our turn to talk… Gee, I felt like a chatterbox trying to fit sentences in 10 seconds PLUS thinking what to say to each person and how to say it in a different manner. But it was worth the talking though… To be able to express my apologies and my gratitude wholeheartedly, even if in just 10 seconds, I felt very relieved. (Although I also wanted to talk to the people who were standing with me.)

Then on our last night… BONFIRE!! I like having those bonfire moments and then people would form a circle around and dance, talk, celebrate, whatever. They played Pinoy Henyo, and then others chatted their way through the night (with stories aboyt ghosts, UFOs, astral projection, etc.) but sadly, it rained. So we moved on to our Solidarity Night! My classmates are the best comedians ever! They never fail to make us laugh and I am very proud of them. Also to the bands that played that night, they are really amazing and talented. We sang at the end, but blaaah, I don’t want to talk about my voice. But it felt good to sing with the whole class. 🙂

Last Day… We had an activity of creating a diorama about our experience in Caleruega. After doing it, we explained, and then finally it’s almost time for us to go home. People headed to get their envelopes and went to eat lunch. I got mine and didn’t open it until I got home.

The letters I received were unexpected! Unexpected words from unexpected people. There may be a lot of anonymous but I’m so thankful that they appreciate me the way I am. Thank you very much. 😀

The best thing about this? Picture-taking! Bonding time with other girls in our room! And of course, many FOOD! But I can’t eat well during the stay because I felt weirded out. Until now…


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