He even helps in academics.

I have been having a huge problem with one subject in school.

I didn’t realize it was a huge problem, until we had our first quiz. I knew I studied for it, but did not totally focus on every part because my parents went home and showed us stuff given by our cousin (who left for the US). Distracted, I put away the reviewers and began checking the boxes. It took me about an hour looking and taking those that I wanted until it’s already 2AM. I panicked and got my reviewers but to my dismay nothing goes into my head. I skip parts saying, “Ah this one is just like this”, “Ah I already know this”, “Okay next”… Until I haven’t really got anything in my head. I slept at 2:30AM thinking that I’ve actually reviewed.

I was terribly nervous the next morning.

AHHHHHH goodness. My mind was floating and I have no idea what to write. I was relying on partial points to pass. When the results came out 2 days after, やっぱり (I knew it)、I failed. And I was 20 points behind the passing mark. Gee, I was so down and almost depressed, I don’t know how could I compensate for it on the next quiz. I have to get 80 to be surely passed, but for that subject, it’s near impossible? Or so I thought.

Since there’s nothing I can do (besides studying harder), I decided to pray. Pray hard. After that, there was this sudden knowledge given to me that made me understand the lessons by myself! I was really shocked, because I know pumping lemma is difficult and such, but I was able to understand it. The power of the Lord has no limits; it can even reach you in your studies. I studied so much that I was awake til 3AM! Before I sleep, prayed and asked for guidance. The following morning, I was 30 minutes early in class and I had this complacent feeling. I fought it off and just reviewed. When the exam came… BOOM.

SKIP. When the exam results came on Wednesday, I was very very nervous but it is mixed with excitement! I know I won’t be getting an 80, but there’s something in me that tells me, “You’re fine. Wait for it”. When my name was called, I got my paper, and to my surprise…

I got a passing score. It was 6 points behind 80, but still I passed! I was so glad, the Lord was with me during those times. No, HE WAS WITH ME ALL ALONG! He just wanted me to realize that He’s there if I need Him, and He wants to tell me not to slack off and rely on my own knowledge. I’m so thankful, I felt the want to study in everything. 😛

Thank you Lord.
Please guide us on our major exams this week! 😀


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