Relationship: With someone you can’t see, hear, or touch.

Yes, I know you’re thinking that I’m talking about a person, or someone.
Indeed! So let’s start.

I have this "fancy" for someone who is a famous boy group member in Japan. Yeah, a lot of people tell me, "That's common, but you are already having an infatuation to someone who is an actor? Are you out of your mind?" Maybe I am, because this is not just an ordinary liking. But it's not obsession. But I have developed a relationship with this someone that I can’t see, hear or touch in person.

Clearly, how could people go and say that they have a relationship with Jesus when they have not personally seen Him with their very own eyes? People grow a liking to an actor, but how could this be? How could someone so far make such an impact in your life? The answer is: WITNESS. When you watch/read interviews and answers of your favorite actor, you start to have a sense of who they really are, and how they act in certain situations. They give you an idea of the side of their personality. Through these things, you witness their actions and words, even if you are not with them. Reading, watching, learning, witnessing something about them: This starts the relationship that you have with that distant person. You know more and more about them as you discover a lot of things about them.

This is the same as with Jesus.

You develop a relationship with Him by spending time with the witness about Him in His word. Reading the Bible is witnessing about Him, because the Bible is like a biography about Him, written by His very own witnesses. When you hear testimonies of people about Him, it is knowing about Him more and more. Being in a relationship may not be easy at first and you need a lot of adjustments, but eventually, everything will get straightened out. 😀

Discover more about Jesus. With Him, He let me discover things about Yuto that I don’t know of. He showed me signs to guide me to the best path in my everyday. He tells me that I am going the right way, even if He did not actually whisper in my ear. People in a relationship care for each other, thus, help each other.

I got to update. I haven’t been in the Church for a month already.
God bless us everyone, have a blessed Sunday and week ahead. 😀

My realization to the January 13 entry in Jon Paulien’s book, “The Gospel From Patmos”.


One thought on “Relationship: With someone you can’t see, hear, or touch.

  1. I agree. The relation between two people is not always seen by the people. Sometimes feeling it is enough, even when you’re miles apart. 😀 God is someone like that. You don’t know how far or near he is from you but the connection was still there. He makes used of those signs to answer whatever you’re thinking and prayers. He was the only one who can see what is really inside your heart and makes a move to lead you towards that path.
    So.. Just do your best on reading and understanding those signs. The future with him is possible unless YOU GIVE UP. 😀 :)))

    ganbaretsugo!!!! ;p

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