Welcome, package!!

After waiting for… How many? 4 weeks?
Actually when I got a work, I somehow stopped thinking about it and forgot waiting for it…
Until I remembered it again just this week that passed. 😦

I was so troubled that it might have been lost while traveling (I chose Air Mail), I even sent an e-mail to CD Japan regarding it. That night, I can’t stop being worried so I decided to pray. I was a bit shy to tell it to the Lord because it is a material thing I bought for myself (because my crush is in that package). Hahaha I am a big fan, that’s what I mean! LOL

So yes, last Thursday night I prayed for it… Then on Friday, I brought up the topic to my friend because I can’t stop worrying! So I just busied myself with a lot of things at work. Thankfully, I was able to stop worrying. I went to see my friends at the mall after work, and ate and talk about some things, including the package.

After that, of course I went home.
I had a headache. I plunged myself on the sofa, and then my mom told me,

“You need an authorization letter to claim your package.”

I was like, “WHATTTTT?!!” And got that notice from the post office. It says that my parcel is there and have to claim it within 30 days! Oh yeah~

GOD GRANTED ANOTHER PRAYER! It’s soooo fast! I’m so happy! 😀 Thank you Lord!

My dad will be the one to pick it up on the post office because I have work from 1-5PM…
I just hope that he won’t be nagged by the customs officers and let him pay a lot… I will not allow that. I heard a lot of horror:corruption stories about our local post office. 😦

So Lord, help me on this one!! I believe in You. Hallelujah! 😀


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