Divine Intervention?

I myself could not believe that this happened… On the spot again.

I was really pissed off last May 2, when somebody from the Church called me just to inform that I will be an emcee for an event. If you just have an idea how much I hate to be an emcee.

Because if my fury, I suddenly felt the urge to write in my Facebook status about it (written in both Tagalog and Japanese so that they can not really understand). I posted without thinking that my Church mates will see it… I even ignored the PM of a Pastor because of my rage. 😦

Anyway… the next day, someone commented on it.
He’s my classmate… And well at first we talked about funny stuff, then suddenly he asked me for help because he still doesn’t have an OJT. (OJT is mandatory for us because this is a prerequisite for our Thesis 2 subject)

The conversation (translated):

P: Wish me luck tomorrow. I need a divine intervention for my OJT :/
Me: I WILL PRAY! 😀 I hope you’ll bump into someone who needs an employee :))
P: Yey! I need my miracle now. Hahaha. If I get hired tomorrow, I will really owe you a LOT. Don’t forget to include me in your prayers, ha!! I’ll hunt you down if I ain’t there. :)))
Me: WHAT?! That’s an unexplainable miracle if it happens tomorrow right away. But I do hope the divine intervention will get to you. God bless 😀

Well… I thought it was that impossible. Because of my tiredness, I fell asleep in an instant so I forgot to pray for my classmate! But when I woke up the next morning, I remembered that I haven’t asked it to God… And so, I did thank for the morning, and asked Him to help my friend.

When I got home after work, I checked my Facebook, not even thinking about what I prayed earlier… Then…

P: D I V I N E I N T E R V E N T I O N ! ! ! [insert extreme swear words here] ~!@#$%^&*()_ what did you do??? i was hired on the spot. [insert a less extreme swear word here] super miracle. i can really do this now :)))))))))

I myself didn’t know what happened. It was great to feel I helped him, but it was greater to feel that He is still hearing me. 😀

The following day, that same friend commented on my Facebook again, and said:

just stop concerning about me. you’re getting obvious. hahaha. ust edtech just texted me, they said they have a job opening there. 😛

And… He took that opportunity. Honestly, my friend and I was talking about him that same day he commented… So I was really surprised at the comment! :O



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