Last weeks of 2010!

Had a different kind of Christmas this year. Not to mention JOYFUL. Yep, ironically speaking. But even so, I was really happy. There’s this enlightened and cheerful feeling inside of me during these weeks that can’t seem to wither. 🙂

During this month of December, my family had been off to different places in Manila to take pictures, feel the ambience, eat, and enjoy. Just after the UST Paskuhan, we went to Bonifacio High Street in Makati and roamed wherever (of course, with the picture-taking and all!).

A store in Bonifacio High St.

Then after Christmas (just yesterday), we went to Makati Stock Exchange and the lights were really awesome~

Peace on Earth

Buildings and the lights~


Then afterwards we went to Greenbelt to eat dinner… Unfortunately (uh, fortunate enough), they only had Wendy’s open during that time (it’s already late) and most of the restaurants have already closed..

Me and my sisters


I enjoyed it!! The outings and such. All pictures are uploaded in Facebook, just in case you wanna check. But only viewable by friends~ 🙂
Looking forward for more outings and gala moments with relatives! Oh yeah!~


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