UST Paskuhan 2010

This was the very first time I came home at almost 4AM.
Damn, it was real scary waiting for a ride home (for 2 FULL HOURS) while being dressed like I was.

For this year’s Paskuhan, I was with a new set of friends! Well, I am still with some of my old friends, although I made new ones this semester (because they are actually my thesis groupmates!). Anyway, it was a new friend’s (her name’s Natasha) birthday treat that day and she brought 5 boxes of pizza for us to eat!! YUUUUUM~~

Me and some of my friends~ (I'm the one in red XD)

2nd box of pizza!!

YUUUM!!!! :3

These are just some of the eating pictures~ While eating those, we were just talking to each other. There are performances during the time being but it didn’t catch my attention, not in the least. It’s like I don’t hear anything. I just played the PSP. LOL.

After we ate the 2nd box, we ate the 3rd! Then Clarence, Karla, and I went off to meet some of our friends who were seated in different places. Upon meeting them, we stayed there for a while. We got tired sitting on the field so we spent some of our time there on the fountain side. We took some pictures and, as always, talked with friends~ AND WE SAW SOMEONE WHO LOOKS LIKE KAZEHAYA-KUN ♥

Me, Clarence, and Karla

With Janette!

with some of my classmates~

After taking some pictures at different places, Janette has to go home because her mom didn’t allow her to stay there until 12MN. Since this always happens, it’s fine with us and we let her go home. She went alone to McDonald’s to buy something and told us that before she goes home, she’ll drop by where we are. We said OK. Then Clarence, Karla, and I went back to the fountain and while we’re there, I noticed that Clarence kept on checking her cellphone as if she’s waiting for something important. I asked her what and she won’t tell me. And after more nagging, she finally said that her brother is still not home and that her older sister already told her to go home so that they could find her brother. Upon hearing this, I felt a sense of dread and anxiety and fury all at the same time. Karla and I tried to stop her, but then we are defenseless against her own family. So, when Janette came from McDonald’s, Clarence went with her and they both went home.

It was such an epic fail happening. -___-;;
They didn’t even get to see the fireworks.
And now, there are only 2 of us left to watch it!!

GAAAAAHH. Karla and I went about shouting “FAIL” to everyone who seems happy. We really acted like retards but we don’t care. We both wanted to cry at that time! Then we looked for our other friends on the field but unluckily, we can’t find them. Let out a big sigh. I was looking really bad that moment went I saw this person who looked like Kazehaya looking and walking towards me. I wanted to smile, but remembering what happened, I ignored that person. I don’t know him anyway! And since we couldn’t find our friends, we just went back to the fountain. Then, BOOM!! The fireworks display started!! I readied my camera and took pictures~ Here are some of those that I like:


cute colors!!



looks like a flower!!

like falling glittery things!

they're fireworks but like a bunch of... flowers. >_<



get set!!


And this is how some parts of my school looks like during Christmas season…

The beautiful, gigantic Xmas tree! ♥

The "Main Building".

a part of the main building

in our Engineering uniform, and "Lover's Lane" behind us.

That’s about it~
All of the pictures here are posted in my Facebook. ^^


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