2010 IYF Mini World Camp @PAC

Suddenly I felt very lazy to update my blog. Not just this day, but on the past days… I don’t know. :[

Anyway, just last week I was away from home because of IYF Mini World Camp in Pampanga Agricultural Center. You know, I never thought about attending this because I felt so lazy the months before it, so I decided not to come. But then, God wanted me to, so when I arrived a week before the Camp in IYF Center, Pastor Cho talked to me and said something important… That I would be the MC for the Mini World Camp. Of course I was shocked! It was rare happening, and I was troubled with Why me’s. Then I took it as a blessing, and I was very happy.

Monday-Friday: The following day I told my mom about it, and the money. She kinda got mad, and now I had the feeling that I won’t be able to attend. But good Lord, when it was Friday, one of the Pastors called me, and told me that I don’t have to worry about the fee at all. During the problem, there are already blessing that showed. Most coming from Church sisters, they are willing to help me. Really, another blessing. I can’t believe how blessed I am.

Saturday: I arrived at the IYF center to prepare. But one thing hit me, I will be the MC for the night’s Bible Retreat. I was shocked, and kinda mad, because I was not prepared and I was all haggard-ish because of commuting. Still, I don’t want the Pastors, brothers and sisters to see my bad face, so I did just what I have to do. Good thing we delivered the MC-ing well, so no more problems. After that, my face was really terrible. How emotions could really affect your physical feature, it showed that night! And then when we were about to sleep, something was roaming and humming and they said, sitting at one of the chairs on the room we’re sleeping. We prayed and prayed until eventually we were able to sleep.

Sunday: We were MCs again that morning. It’s fine, woo. Then we were getting ready for the MC thing. Suddenly, there was this impromptu MC practice for the Mini World Camp. And you guessed it, I came unprepared again. Gad, how I looked right then and there, I am so funny not knowing what to say! After that this bad face showed again, and I can’t think. Because my head was polluted with different things.

Finally! It was Mini World Camp. Bus 1 arrived there at about 7-8AM, and we ate breakfast there. Walked around PAC. At about noon time Bus 2 arrived with some of our friends. Then I get to meet my group mates, and you know I’m thankful for them. We girls were kinda disappointed with the dormitory because… it’s just different. And there were frogs all around the house! And there are plenty of beer and vodka. It’s different, but I realized that it’s really good when you don’t expect anything.

Opening Ceremony went well! 보람 was really good; I wouldn’t know how good I’d be if I were the MC during opening ceremony. Then it was also the 1st class meeting per group, and really, we were able to share our hearts even at 1st day! Because of our joyfulness with each other, a sister knocked on our door and told us to sleep because it’s already 12AM. Still, first day was great! 😀 I was the teacher for the group Mark , indeed another blessing, because they granted me the authority to share the Gospel to other people. You know, I got not so much knowledge about the Gospel, but when I shared it to them, it was all natural-flowing. A member even told me, “Sister Jaun, when the Pastor was sharing the message, I already understood it because of what you said the day before.”

2nd Day: Oh, my nerves! The program will start at 9AM, and man we got no practice! But Lord guided us that day… I think I delivered well. At least they enjoyed the programs! But at some point I am having problems with a group mate and close friend during this time. There is also Academy class during this day, and we attended Japanese class (Teacher Sung Eun) and Korean Class 2 (Teacher Dong Hyun). They learned Japanese Hiragana and basic greetings in Japanese class, and in Korean 2 they learned Korean numbering system and played a game called 삼육구. I was the first one to dance. Darn. But it was fun, really. Great day, yet again!

3rd Day: Being an MC seemed normal thing this time. Even if we have no scripts and pure impromptu, we delivered it well. And yeah, problems with group mates, but at some point we were able to fix it. Thank you Lord. 😀 Kinda felt sad it was already 3rd day. We had this picture taking per group, and then one big picture taking to make a star! It was really cool.

See, it is so great! I’m at the back, near the very tip. :p

4th day: We did marathon on the morning! And guess what, my group mate won 1st place in girl’s marathon! Hurrah! She won a Samsung cellphone. Very cool! In the afternoon, we had Mini Olympics, and everyone enjoyed it even though they are tired! Luke Group won the Cheer Dance~ But you know, it’s already closing ceremony this day. :[ So I felt sad and happy while I was talking in front of them. We presented talent shows, my group danced Upside Down (lol I danced haha), and then some presented their testimony and thank you letter. It was really a great day. I don’t even wanna say good-bye. I almost cried when the Wesleyan buses leave, and some of my group mates waved good-bye. But we had to. I thanked the Lord for this week, because it was such a great experience, and more people were able to open their hearts to Him.

With my class, Mark 6.

When I got home, I checked my Facebook and uploaded photos right away. I was surprised with the number of friend requests! I’m actually glad when some attendees chat me on Facebook after the camp and ask me things about IYF, about the Gospel, and I could really feel that they are interested. They said they changed, and it was such a wonderful experience. I’ve got nothing in mind right then but just a huge thank you to the Lord and His Grace. He is very Powerful and Kind. I hope that in the next World Camp, we would all meet again. By Faith, we will! 😀


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