VICTORYYYY! With a hint of annoyance.

At about 7pm on Monday, we had our nightmare: PROJECT DEFENSE. Or so we thought. That day we decided to do the defense so as to lessen our agony. We were kind of nervous when we saw that only our subject teacher was present for the defense, and we all had sync-ed minds: “Patay, mukhang gigisahin tayo.

I was the first one who started to talk because as the group leader, I had to introduce our proposed system and our objectives. Blah, blah, blah. And by the time I explained the Problem Areas, I am confident of what I was saying and kinda nervous that she might ask a detail about it. And yeah, she did, only that I was totally able to give out my answer back. As the reporting went on, I was so happy that she only found few mistakes in our documentation (typographical errors and add picture descriptions only) and she even said that it was written down very well. Of course, as the maker, I was flattered. 😀 Then it was Evan’s turn to discuss the program (this is the critical part). As he was discussing, I can’t stop my self from staring and thinking, “Wow, so that was how it worked! Wow! Wow! WOOOOW!!!” and I tell you, I was not the only one. The panelists could not even find a big mistake on it as the program had all the error-traps you could think of. And just, OH. MY. GOSH. They were impressed. Our subject adviser said that among all the groups who presented an Enrollment System database, we had the most accurate one. So really, a good job to our group. An excellent one! And because of that, we had snack at Pizza Hut treated by our group mate Sartre~ Yum! :3

And then after that defense I always come late in class. But today is the worst. I wasn’t able to hear my alarm clock, and then when I suddenly woke up, it was already 9AM, 3 hours past my wake up time and 1 hour late from my departure time from home to school. I was kinda depressed, knowing that we have final exam this day on that subject. And you know, I did not make it. I thought our professor would allow me to take the exam even if I’m an hour late, but he pushed us outside like rats. What the f. I can’t take what he’s saying I decided to go out; my conscience called in sick. I was thinking of reasons how could I take the exam. I was crying so much that I remembered my hurting ear. I made that as a reason. :/


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