10.04.10 = D-day?

I’m currently inside our ICS Laboratory and I just finished our final exam for the CS113Lab class. Before I took the exam, I prayed, and with only the stock knowledge I had from the previous lessons, I began taking the exam. Guess what? The results are fair. Not to sound conceited but I barely remember anything from the previous lessons at all. I just reviewed a little just this morning. It just so happened that maybe most of the parts in the exam, I remembered.I was really nervous upon hitting the “Submit” button, but God did not disappoint me. What a great help He is! My Savior!

Now all I can say is that the panic I have for this day is diminished as one of the hardships (the finals lab exam) is over and I passed it. Hurrah! Pray for us in our Project defense later. 😀

Praise the Lord, always and forever.


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