Seminar 2: All About Open Source

Do you know that Microsoft can actually delete your hard drive (if your copy of Windows is fake) whithout you knowing it? Yes, they can because it is included in the License Agreement. The question is, do you read your license agreement? Honestly, no! We just click “I Agree” and because of this, we don’t know the things we are agreeing on. So I suggest that you just use any Open-Source OS like Solaris, Ubuntu, etc. :>


  1. Error trapping on characters in Database using AJAX
  2. Don’t use .doc when passing resume!! Use .odt and protect it to avoid modifications

JAVA: Why Use It? Because almost 74% professional developers use this as their primary language, surpassing VisualBasic. Also, most mobile apps use Java for developing.

Well bottom line is, open source is very advantageous because you cam create anything you want for free. But if you’re into gaming and doing applications that will cater for a large number of people, program it for Windows. And for the other programs (like office documents, etc) use Open Office. ALSO!! In Open Source machines, the threats of viruses will be diminished as you can actually delete viruses (example: in Mac, Ubuntu, etc.) as a file. See?

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