Continuing Grace!

In line with my Tweet a while ago, I’d just like to blog about this happening. As you see, I was fussing about this IM201 Proposal weeks ago because I thought that we were the only group who haven’t passed a proposal yet. Actually, I think my group was the last one to pass it, and it’s really a shame to my group mates as I seem to be an irresponsible leader. The week before our preliminary exams, my group was able to pass a proposal but unfortunately, right there and then it got declined. We were very disappointed at that time, and not knowing what to do, we threw back harsh words at our professor’s back. Not even clever. Since then, we decided that all the fussing won’t do anything so I told them that we should write a new system. So we talked about it. And I got all the details and fixed it into one big proposal. Around that time, I also found out that we weren’t the only one who got a tough luck on this project.


The preliminary exam on this subject had me stunned. I never expected to pass; I didn’t even review. But prayers saved me. God saved us. Another work of God. I was so thankful I want to go to Church everyday!

…back to the proposal, finally we were able to send the 2nd version a while ago. And guess what? Right there and then, it got approved. It’s like, VICTORY!! I could actually sing whatever victory background music there would be because of my happiness. And to think that, moments before we talked the proposal to our professor, I prayed to the Lord. Right there and then, He granted my prayer. This is not pure luck anymore. That’s just how powerful He could be.

Have more blessed days everybody! 😀


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