WOW! Mali~

We were totally excited to eat our lunch at Mang Toot’s because we heard that the food there is very delicious and affordable, so we tried to eat there at about 3pm. I ordered 5pcs Tempura and Karla and Clarence ordered different meals. Anyway, we were so busy eating we actually don’t have time to talk until we’re finished. When suddenly…

There was a jeep that passed by, followed by two vans. “Ano ba yan, eto mahirap dito masyadong polluted!” And then I noticed that the two vans are like, following each other. But at some point, the red van stopped in front of us, while the blue one overtook it and moved away. As the red one was staying there, Clarence said, “Pano kung mga kidnappers pala to no? Lagot na!” And I was like, “Eh kung mga pogi yan, sasama ka?” Until…

Eow phuowsz!!! Ajejejeje… Pwede phouwsz bang (I can’t type in Jejemon anymore) humingi ng konting tulong? Kahit konting tulong lang po…

And we were like, “Say what, where did this Jejemon come from?!” Karla already sensed that this was something like Wow! Mali and all of us were laughing at the sight of the DECENT JEJEMON!! He was asking for alms and showed a picture of his “brother”. He said his jejemon brother got hit by… guess what? A JEJEBUSTER!! See how wrong and funny the situation was? We kept on laughing and I don’t know why was I the only one he is interacting to -___-” Clarence and Karla kept on being quiet and I was like talking to nobody. This Jejemon kept on insisting us to help him and then while laughing, I told him, “Pasensya na po wala po talaga eh, doon po kayo sa kabila humingi oh~” and he won’t stop! He handed me this paper with Jejemon stuff written on it, and he told me to read. OF COURSE, I PRETENDED I CAN’T UNDERSTAND!! Come on, that’s too funny! We kept on saying “Sorry, Sorry” until he finally said, “Kaway po kayo sa camera kasi nasa Wow! Mali po kayo!!” Then some decent people came down from the van and there’s really a video camera! HOW CRAZY!!!! AHLKGALGJSKJGA;’AW’GA

And then after those incident, we ate Banana-Rama. While still laughing our lungs out. Watch out for it on Wednesday, 7:30PM! See how ugly our faces were. Instant stars, dang. HAHA!


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