God’s grace~

Problems come and go, and well, they frustrate, disappoint, or anger us. Well, I don’t trouble myself too much with different kinds of problems because I know that they all have a solution. So what’s with God’s grace? :]

Me and my family have been blessed by the Lord many times, and it’s so sad that I only have time to thank Him a few times. But ever since my Spiritual birthday, I realized these blessings I had before more then DOUBLED. Some of them just happened this week. They are really obvious ones, that’s why I can kinda remember them.

  1. The first one was this Thursday. As I went down the jeep to find an FX to be able to get home faster, I saw the line-up of people and it was really looooong! It wasn’t the same line as before. So I have no choice but to ride the bus. I arrived at the bus terminal, and there was a huge crowd of people waiting for the bus like me. Until one bus came, and all of those people hurried to take the ride. I decided not to join and wait for another. As I waited, I prayed to the Lord asking for the ride home. And lo and behold, an FX came hurrying towards my place and it says “Casimiro”. I rode the FX without fussing myself on lining-up and waiting a bit longer~

  2. The second one happened yesterday. While enjoying the birthday treat of my dear friend Clarence, I totally forgot almost everything except the food. On our way home, I suddenly realized that I forgot my umbrella at Tokyo Tokyo! I was panicking so much that I was almost crying. Clarence comforted my by saying that she’ll contact Marie to ask the restaurant if they had my umbrella. While I was on my way up the bus ride, tears fell down my eyes. I was sniffing, then I asked the Lord to give me peace of mind about the umbrella, hoping that someone good-hearted enough kept it in the restaurant and didn’t take it anywhere. I kept on checking my phone to see if Clarence already got a news. I prayed and prayed until I fell asleep. I woke up when I was almost near our house. I checked my phone and there’s 1 new message!! I hurriedly opened it and saw that it was from Clarence. She said that she already contacted Tokyo Tokyo and that I could get my umbrella by tomorrow~

  3. And the last for the day was just a while ago. I was almost late for school, and I was already inside the FX. Halfway through the trip, droplets came falling from the sky, until suddenly they all poured heavily. This was the time I was worrying because I don’t have my umbrella with me. I was thinking of ways to protect myself from the rain, but all I have is my bag, my notebook, and a bunch of papers. I put out my notebook because it’s the only semi-waterproof one. When I was at P. Noval (almost near España), the rain poured harder. I’m losing hope and now I know I will be late for class, and totally wet. I stared outside the van and prayed to the Lord to cease the heavy rain. Traffic approached us, and the nearer I got to España, I noticed that the rain was almost gone! There were only few thin drops and the sun was shining again. Finally, it’s time to go down. It’s still raining but not as hard as before. My problem now is to have someone to share an umbrella. Unfortunately, I got none so I walked all the way to my building with only a notebook on my head (thankfully the trees filtered the raindrops). As I reached my building, I stopped for a while because there’s no cover. Realizing I was wasting time, I started to face the droplets of rain, finally hitting me that THERE’S NO RAIN AT ALL!!! Hallelujah~~ I got to class clean, dry and ready. Then we had no classes~~ Really, God’s grace! HAHAHA. Just attended a General Assembly and I got my umbrella, and got a safe trip home.

Amen! Praise the Lord~
Thank you Lord for all the blessings and Your guidance.
May God bless you all! 😀

I gotta sleep. Need to do the laundry tomorrow~ Jaa!


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