You know it, I have been up to so many things recently (because school started) and I barely had enough time to blog. So now that I have a little more vacant time, I’ll update.

Update with what? HAHA.

Nothing bad is happening to me, (well there are but I don’t give a damn) and a lot of good things happened. I think everyday is a good day. First, I had this subject (CS101) that was horrifying (especially the professor) because I just can’t understand JAVA and Algorithms I could if I just tried, I even got a ZERO in our 1st exercise. But thankfully, because of my Faith and hard work, I passed our exam on this. I am really glad because of God’s help; it never fails! Though every CS101Lab I am kind of 50-50. Also, in our IM201 class I had been giving off negative energies. One of my groupmates doesn’t seem to understand what he’s reporting, which is actually his fault for not caring what we are talking about, but I just hope that our professor didn’t give us a failing mark. And yeah, I also failed the quiz on that subject, but I have high hopes that I could pass the next ones. Then here goes Art Appreciation: MY FAVORITE SUBJECT!! I shouldn’t really be here in Computer Science, but well never mind. That’s about it in my Acads.

When it comes to personal life… Spiritual life is very OK, although I don’t go to Church every Sunday because we’re currently in a bad state when it comes to money, so I only go twice a month (also the fact that the Church is very far from our home). Still, I don’t cease praying. :p Love life? Well… I have none HAHAHA. My family is kinda OK too. Friends are, as well. But there’s this one person who kept on backstabbing me but I don’t really mind at all.

That’s all. God bless everybody. Keep the faith. 😀


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