A long interval between my blogs means that I am/was very, very busy.

Summer is over and now we’re back to school. It’s really sad finding out that some of my classmates are not with our original block anymore, and what’s more saddening is that Janette is not in UST anymore. And then I found out that Yza is not in UST anymore, as well as Tyron, and a lot more others. Well, enough of the drama. There are only 3 of us left in our class– I mean, there are other girls as well, it’s just that they are pre-occupied with their love-thingy or they belong to another group. So it’s pretty hard. :[

When the professors started discussing their lessons on the 3rd-4th day of the 1st week, they started bombarding us with school/homeworks that are due the following day. It’s fine with me, really. I take it back. IT’S NOT FINE WITH USSSS!! We have so little time, yet a lotta work to do. And we gotta review for an exam due the same day so yeah. I don’t want to bother but I am doing so. But actually, the only problem I can’t solve is the subject CS101 and CS101 Lab. Whatever I do I can’t get through it (for now). I hope soon (as in as soon as possible), I’d be able to make it so I wouldn’t have to think about getting my 1st Summer class. No way.

Pray for us, people!
Good night. 😀


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