Just recently~

I told the news to my parents that I was invited to join the World Camp in Korea. Of course, for a human who has been staying in her native country for 17 years is really boring, so I really wanted to go somewhere else. And this is not just an ordinary tour, because this is the WORLD CAMP in Korea.

I first told mom, and she said, “Okay, ikaw bahala, magkano babayaran dun?” and I told her that I was discounted half the original price because I was a volunteer in the 1st World Camp in the Philippines. I told her that it was Php25000 (w/c was originally 50000 and includes transpo fare, visa processing, entrance fee, accommodation, etc). I tried persuading her by telling that I could pay on installment basis if Php25K is too big to pay at one down. So, she agreed. And then I told my dad, and he really wanted me to go. He even said, “You have to go to Korea!!! Never let a good opportunity pass and more will follow… and when in Korea… Never go to NORTH KOREA!!! just to be clear….” Very supporting.

And then another news was that my dad already bought me a laptop!! I really did not expect that laptop to be coming because I was not thinking of anything since God changed me, and I did not expect… So that’s the good thing that comes out from not expecting!! I’m really thankful. But I just hope and pray that we won’t be too broke because I’m still going to South Korea while studying at an expensive university. I don’t want my family to be bankrupt because of me. 😦

Then yesterday, my dad called to greet my mom a “Happy Birthday” and confirmed if I would still continue going to South Korea because there was this news that North Korea threatened an “all-out-war” because of a submarine killing stuff. Of course, I gave him a big and solid “YES!” and he did not question me anymore. 😀

And just now, my mom was kinda irritated when I showed her the list of requirements for my Visa processing. She said that she doesn’t like being busy on those kinds of things and if I were to fuss her about it, I better not go to South Korea anymore. Noooo! Lord, help us. Me and my IYF friends badly NEEDED to go to that World Camp. It might be our only chance.

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