2010 3rd Korean Camp

This May 17, me and my friend Katrina Flores attended the 3rd Korean Camp at the IYF Center in Quezon City. We were both excited and nervous at the same time, because we don’t know what may happen next, and we don’t know everyone in there. We even lost our way before we finally arrived at 2PM (an hour late for the announced time). When we got there, we were welcomed by Dong Hyun, Regina, and other Filipino staff. And then we proceeded upstairs for the first class: Taekwondo (태권도)

We met 3 new friends at first day during breakfast: Micah Jao, Jimmy Chung, and Handelson Keh. I thought at first they were very serious, but turns out they’re really great to spend time with!!

During Taekwondo class, it was Jinjae and Steven (both Korean) are teaching the moves. My moves are really shameful!! But it was actually a good practice for defense. We had Taekwondo classes for 2 days, and it was fun kicking around! At sparring time, I was versus Sung Hyuk! No one won because we just kept on kicking and defending, and we were both thin! 😛 And then we watched the Korean movie “Tae Guk Gi (태극기)”, the story of two brothers in the Korean war. We were almost crying the whole story but we just forced the tears not to come out. And then we had class meetings, listened to Pastor Cho’s message. Most of the time during the message, a lot of people (including me) were asleep, because we sleep at 12MN and wake up at 5AM!

Our schedule:

…and then Class Meetings, Message, Fellowship Time, and Sleep Time!!

We also found out that they share the shower room with everyone simultaneously!! At first, Kat and I were kind of scared to take a bath but soon we got used to it. We even wake up at 4AM before just to take a bath by our own, but after a day we got used to taking a bath with other people. Then we eat Korean food during Lunch and dinner; everything was really delicious!! And then we met new friends like Micky, Eunyoung, Seon Gyeong, Sung Bong, Sung Uk and his hyper friend, etc. There were a lot!!

We made our Korean pouch at one time, it was a red pouch! Very cute. Here is mine:

Red Korean pouch

I am not really good at doing this but good thing I did it well!! 😀

Then during Food Making class, we made Kimbap (김밥). My work was ugly at first, but when it was done, I find it cute!! Here you go:

Then we played Korean games!! I was put in 별Team (star). Team Byeol got zero on the first game, but we reigned on the 2nd and 3rd! But overall, we are 2nd. 😀 Also, we had to prepare talent shows per group. We presented sing and dance show. Seon Gyeong, I, Sung Uk, and the other one danced “울챙이”! It was easy to memorize. Unfortunately, we don’t have a video. 😦 Then the others danced “토마토”, sang “I Don’t Care – 2NE1”, and “I Believe – Shin Sung Hun”. We were all nervous at first but we made it through!!

During fellowship, I was really sleepy but the words of God kept me awake. I really believe I am saved, because I opened my heart to Him and I will let Him lead me until the time comes. 🙂

And finally, the Korean Singing and Korean Speech Contest. Every newcomer should join at least one. For beginners in Korean class, they have to join Korean Singing contest, while the students in Intermediate Korean class will join Korean Speech contest. I was really hesitant to join because I know nothing much in Korean language so translating was hard. Until finally, I made my English speech before I went to sleep and Sung Bong translated it to Korean in the morning. Micah, Jimmy, Handel, and Kat were all in the Korean Singing contest, and I saw that they were really practicing hard to perfect their songs. ^^


FINALLY, it is the contest day. Some were good, some were almost good, some were funny. The Korean Singing contest was held first, and then Korean Speech on the next. Kat sang “내 머리가 나빠서”, then Micah, Jimmy, and Handel sang “Nobody”. Then at speech contest, I was the 2nd one to tell my speech. When I got at the pulpit, I finally got nervous but thank God I overcome it. So I believed I delivered my speech well, even though I am sure I didn’t pronounce all the words clearly.

Then it was Awarding Ceremony!!

Micah, Jimmy, and Handel won 2nd place on singing contest, whereas I won 1st place (88% score) on speech contest. I was really surprised at first, I swear, because I couldn’t believe I got it. Thanks to Sung Bong and Eun Young for helping me on my speech! :] After that, we had bonfire outside the building, danced around it, sang songs, and stuff. Then we ate midnight snacks, wrote at our team’s cartolina about our feelings, and then Eun Young, Micky, Micah, Handel, Jimmy, Kat, and I went to the bahay kubo to tell stories: gross stories, ghost stories, and fellowship!! And then Ate Joan said we should go to sleep because it’s already 1AM and they’re turning off all the lights. Kat, Eun Young, and I took a bath first, had fellowship in the bathroom (lol), then talked for a while upstairs. Then this Kuya said we should go to our rooms na because it’s almost 2AM and we’re the only ones awake. So yeah, goodnight!!

In the morning, Kat was the first one to leave because her service is there already. Then after breakfast, I and the rest took pictures with our Korean and Chinese friends. We stayed there for a while even though we were actually the first ones to say goodbye!! We don’t want to leave yet. And then finally, it is time to say goodbye. All of them gathered outside to wave at us, and we waved back. I will really miss them. ♥

Korean lesson and My Speech

Pouch and Pastor Park's books

Ulchaengi Song from Seon Gyeong's note

1st Place! 😀

My Prizes

Prize opened: Bride and Groom

Certificate of Participation


2 thoughts on “2010 3rd Korean Camp

  1. Hi there ^^ It’s a great pleasure reading ur blog. Will u attend World Camp in Seoul, Korea this July ? Hope to see you there ^^ Have a nice day :X

    • Hello Tam Tran! I am glad you liked my blog about the Korean Camp. And about the World Camp in Seoul, thankfully, YES!! My mother allowed me to go there. I hope to see you if ever you’re also attending the World Camp. God bless! 😀

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