Summer Update!!

I have been enjoying everyday because of the IYF World Camp. It seems to me that I have no need to worry about anything. So yeah. I really miss the whole camp (even the post camp) and the friends I made during the whole event. So this week, these are what happened:

Tuesday: Me and other volunteers went for our work at the National Museum to compensate for the hours of work we lost due to the Camp. I passed my script, and Miss Riza and Sir Mel assigned us our tasks for the next day’s Summer Workshop. The same day, I went to Paola’s 19th birthday party at her house. I sure missed my High School friends, but I don’t think they changed physically. I’m still the thinnest. HAHA!

Wednesday: Summer Workshop for the Marginalized Youth. I was appointed to assist in the Face Relief workshop. The kids surely enjoyed this thing, and sobrang napalapit sila sa’kin na namimiss ko sila, and namiss na din nila ako!! I feel as if I am really their older sister! And these children kept on commenting that I look Korean!! Do I, do I? HAHA! The whole event was tiring but working with these cheerful children is not frustrating at all!!

Thursday-Saturday: Nothing much. I stayed at home to rest. My bio-clock is all cracked up; I sleep at midnight and wake up in the afternoon!! Need to change this. Also, I asked my mom about the Korean camp if she’s going to allow me to attend. She allowed me. Woooo I’m very excited!! Too bad there are only a few of my friends who will attend. 😦

God bless everyone~~


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