Day 4: IYF World Camp 2010

I bet everyone felt so sad now that it’s the end of the Philippine World Camp. A lot of grandeur events happened today, and outsiders are also allowed to watch it. The Cuneta Astrodome was filled with more people than expected, and they all came to watch the beautiful Christmas Cantata by the Gracias Choir! 😀

Anyway, funny things happened today. I have to carry out this mission, which is to get the e-mail addresses of my Korean friends and keep in touch, also to get to know this “translator boy”. Actually, I even prayed to God about this World Camp and about “translator boy”, and I really believe He heard my prayer. So the funny thing went like this!!

Start of Story:

  1. At Mini Olympics meeting in the Press Room, he was staring at me whenever I speak in English. Our eyes met in that room for more than 10 times, I shall say!
  2. I went out the Press Room by myself, and then he came out of the main hall by himself. We were like in perpendicular paths at first, then we both went to the wash room.
  3. At this staircase, I was telling Clarence and Erika about the chances/opportunities that the Lord does, then we decided to get out of that place. I said, “Labas na tayo, baka may mangyari pa.” The moment after I said that, here goes my crush approaching us. Then he talked to somebody ahead of us and walked straight ahead. We were at their backs and then all of a sudden, he looked at his back– he looked at us!— and then we looked at each other again for the nth time, then it’s as if he just used his friend who’s also at the back as an alibi to look at me (or not? HAHAHA). OF COURSE, I’M KIDDING!! I am not sure about the last part. LOL
  4. We went to the Registration booth to look for Jin, but he wasn’t there. But by the time we’re heading for GNC1, my crush and I saw each other AGAAAIN. He was alone, but I don’t have the courage to talk to him.
  5. And then when it was time for GNC1, he was the English translator for this Korean girl who’s telling her story. He sensed that the girl was about to cry, so he got the hanky out of his pocket and handed it to her. But the girl refused. (He handed it at the back so we can’t really see that he’s handing it to her; it was such a kind thing to do.)

And then I realized I wasted a lot of chance now.

So after GNC1, we all saw he was alone. My friends already helped me on this. Alyza approached him and said, “Excuse me,” and I bolted my heel and went where they were. I said, “Excuse me, uh, what does this salvation mean?” (Wrong question came out because I was startling and nervous.)

Him: You don’t know what salvation is?!
Me: No, what I mean is, what do these Xs and Os mean?
Him: Oh, the O is blah blah blah then X is blah blah blah
Me: Ah, alright, thank you! (And I was about to leave now)
Him: Oh wait, wait! The X is blah blah blah and O is blah blah blah
Me: I see. Okay, thank you!!

And then I explained them to my friends.

At the Main hall:

I was running to look for my friends because I was alone at the hall, then a Korean girl blocked me and said, “Please take your seat here.”
Me: No, no, I’m looking for my friends, they’re outside.
Her: Oh, okay!! (And she gave way)

Then at the middle part of the hall, my crush blocked me and said, “This way, ma’am”. I told him that I was looking for my friends and they’re outside, so he gave way. When I went outside, I saw my friends there and told them that we should go in or we’ll not have good seats left. And when Kat and I got inside first, my crush looked at us and said, “Take your seat, ma’am.” And we did. Oh, how formal! And the accent = ❤

Who knew he would be seated in front of me? So we watched the whole Christmas Cantata and I kept on taking good pictures of them (I used Kat’s camera instead of mine), and being careful not to use the flash. My crush kept looking at the back and I don’t have any idea why. Suddenly, some people didn’t turn off their flashes and it was really distracting. He looked back again, and he told me, “Excuse me, did you not hear that you are not allowed to use flash?” (I had to lean forward to hear him, and I felt my friends suspicious gaze on us). So I told him:

Me: But I did not use any flash. It was from the back.
Him: (he stared like he absorbed my words) Oh, I’m sorry!! (Then he looked away)

For a while, I stopped taking pictures and just reviewed my shots. I was sort of panting. And while I was at it, he looked back at me smiling and said, “No offense, no offense!” and he’s doing a peace sign, so I said, “No” while grinning and raised my thumb to say it’s okay. I AM REALLY SOOO LAAAME!! 어리석다!!

After the program, I felt like God gave me His strength. I went to ask his name, introduced myself, and told him to write his Korean name and e-mail address in my notebook. He told me he knows one of the people who wrote there, and I asked him if he knows Sunhee. He said yes, but he said he didn’t know her e-mail. The he said he has Facebook, and I told him Thank you. He said welcome. Oooooohh task, DONEE!!!

Sunhee told me yesterday that her flight back to Korea will be at 1AM this day, as well as the other Koreans (Lincoln students and other volunteers). As much as we wanted to spend more time with each other, we just have to let go and go back to our own lives. It is hard if school year is different here than in the other places. I will surely miss them. 😦

Check out the Philippine IYF World Camp 2010 pictures here:

2010 IYF World Camp Philippines


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