DAY 3: IYF World Camp 2010

Still the same routine as yesterday! But I didn’t wasn’t boring and I don’t want to go home even though I feel sleepy. Only 1 day left and it’s the end of the World Camp. Sunhee and other Koreans I met will already go home. I will surely miss them. 😦

Anyway, I will just right here the excerpts from my diary by the time I was listening to the wonderful sermon of Pastor Park. So here it is:

Right now, we’re listening to Pastor Ock-Soo Park’s story about marriage and divorce. I can’t do anything because by just listening, I might suddenly fall asleep. Actually, there were quite a few people sleeping already, both Filipino and Koreans! By the way, I am seated beside this weird guy who has yellow colored-hair. He kept on glancing to see what I am writing here. CUT! I just heard cool quotations from Pastor Park:

There are many men in the world but you’re the only one I love. Trust me. You’re the only one I want to marry. —From his sermon about marriage

I thought that he’d be happy if he’s on my side, but now it becomes different. I am a person who gives sadness to another. “I can’t live without you, believe me,” I said to her. She told me, “It’s not hard for me to forgive you because I told you that you’re the one I love. But why don’t you believe me?”

And then Pastor Park said that the demon sets our thoughts towards the evil ones. Thinking bad things without any further proof is not right. We should not always rely/believe that what our minds think is always RIGHT, because doing so is one of the 7 sins in the world: PRIDE.

And do you know about the 78-22 rule? It goes like this: 78% of the girls spend more money out of the boys’ salary. So a rule was set to avoid girls spending a lot of money through clothes, jewelries, etc. thus, cutting the salary of men. I forgot which place was this rule exploited! :)) Pastor Park just said this again.

And to end the sermon quotations, I’ll give you a Tagalog one:

Ang matalinong babae ay hindi nagmamataas sa isang lalaki. Hindi tayo minamahal ng lalaki dahil maganda o matalino tayo, kundi dahil sa laman ng puso/kalooban natin.

A wise girl avoids being superior to a boy. We are not loved by boys because of our physical beauty or our intelligence, but we are loved because of our inner beauty/personaltiy

I just found out that my crush from The Righteous Stars is a student from Lincoln House. I hope Sun-Hee knows the guys name and this translator boy’s name~!

And I forgot to include, we attended the Rio Montaña singing class. We sang “I Believe” by Shin Seung Hun. Then one of them asked for girl volunteers to sing the song. I was the one chosen. I was so nervous, I sang the first line of the song in a stupid manner. But finally, I let go of my nervousness and I believe I sang well until the end. Such a nice experience! Kudos to Rio Montaña!! 😀

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