DAY 2: IYF World Camp 2010

The camp continued and it is getting more wonderful each day! We have like a daily schedule/routine, and we get to listen and watch the Righteous Stars, Rio Montaña, Gracias Choir, cultural performances, and of course, the gospel from Pastor Park Ock-soo.

Today I came early because Mr. Nam told us to arrive at 8am. I got there by 7.45am and I was actually stuck with these Korean people in blue, and they are all Korean and I’m the only one in pink and a Filipino. But I kinda don’t look like one, ne? HAHA! Anyway, they were looking at me and I was looking at them hoping to find someone I know (unfortunately I can’t). Time passed, I saw Mr. Nam and greeted him, also these 3 Korean girls who took a picture of me and Kim Soung-woo. I met a new girl named Jenina while I was waiting, and then finally, they came. Mr. Nam held a meeting at the Press Room about some changes in schedule and this guy, my crush, was the one translating for him. His accent is so nice. Very nice. That’s all I focused at that time. ♥

The most enjoyable part was of course everything, but I like attending the Korean food class. For the first time, I get to experience making Kim-chi, and thankfully mine tasted good! We were able to take home some of our work and share it to our family. And then after that, we listened to another gospel by Pastor Park, and then we had a class meeting. Clarence and I were put in John 6 class and we had this heart-to-heart talk about God and the Bible with Kim Sun-hee. She is a 20-year-old university student and she is our class leader. It was good to actually talk with them and understand at the same time, no language barriers or anything. She shared her own experiences on how she was converted from Buddhist to Christian, and we shared opinions about the Bible. Also, Ji-in talked to us about this as well, and then it was time to go home.

On my way home, I asked Marie to go with me up the overpass because I’m afraid to cross alone. Until I saw this girl with the pink IYF shirt, I told her I could go up by myself and she could just stay there. So I went up. The girl ahead of me looked back, and we saw each other. Then she walked, then stopped and waited for me. “Hi!” she said in a happy voice, and I said, “Hello! Hey, you’re Bo-Ram right?” and she said yes. How lucky I am to be on my way home with the event’s emcee. We talked about where we go home, how we go home, how was the event, etc. Then she told me where I’d wait for the bus, and I said, “I’m waiting here too, buses go this way as well.” And then we waited for buses; she gets home by FX. And then I told her there’s already an FX and I made para to it for her. We exchanged goodbyes and see you tomorrow’s. And I’m home. 😀

Side story:

So I have this Korean crush. We call him Translator Boy/Good News Boy/Korean Boy/Wow Ulam (DANG)/Paolo. I don’t know what it is but we kept on looking at each other and it seemed as if we’re shy or what (or maybe I’m the only one thinking this). Because at one point, our eyes meet, then after how many seconds they meet again. What could he be feeling/thinking? I wanted to know him and other Koreans I met as well, but I only have 2 days left to get their e-mail. I hope I succeed. Lord, please help me. Guide us. Thank you. 😀

Some pictures:

Pastor Park Ock-Soo

With fellow IYF Volunteers

Marriage Dance

Making Kim-chi!!

With owner of Kwang Jung Kimchi


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