DAY 1: IYF World Camp 2010

I thought that today might be a nerve-whacking day for we would be dealing with foreigners (mostly Korean), and would cooperate with them. When I arrived at the Cuneta Astrodome, I found out that it wasn’t really hard to deal with them because they could actually speak Tagalog, for which I was really awfully amazed. The whole volunteering thing went from 9AM up to 9:30PM, and a word can’t describe it; it was more than AWESOME.

We were able to do this “getting-to-know-you” at one point, and I met Kim Soung-woo. He is a 20-year-old Korean volunteer who stays in India (for a year due to volunteering activity). I was quite stunned because these Koreans truly devote themselves in giving their hearts to other people, even if speaking in a foreign language and living in a foreign country might be hard. Anyway, he was also amazed that I could read and write in Hangeul (I wrote my name in Hangeul for him to better understand), he even asked for our mobile numbers to keep in touch. And soon afterwards, we met Chinese volunteer Tien-tien and more Korean volunteers like Ttong, Kam-soon, Ivan, and Son-hee. There were others I talked to but I’ll just get to know them next time! I need their e-mails! 😛

We were actually put in the Academy class (which, I guess, has more Koreans than I thought) but we should’ve been in the Translators/Interpreters, but they removed it. So yeah, we mingled with them Koreans! They are so fun and nice and so adorable. It’s as if we speak the same language because we laugh at the same moment, react at the same moment, etc.

So yeah, the whole program was practiced for like, 3 times. I mean we saw the Gracias choir (they’re so amazing) practice once, then did a pre-opening stunt, then did the official one. They are so great! Also, the Righteous Stars did as well. Mr. Park Ock-soo is a good speaker, and was able to touch our hearts (even through his funny translator), and it seemed as if we Filipinos and them Koreans are all united. They aren’t really the bastos ones who do ingratitude, though sometimes they are kind of masungit, but in a tolerable way. 😀 We even saw a lot of Korean look-alikes of our classmates like Kevin, Paolo, and Mhar. It was so funny, and this guy who I’d call Kevin was really not good in speaking Tagalog and it all turned out to be funny, and this guy I’d call Paolo made me impressed at his translating skills, his oh-so-gorgeous voice, and his great English! And then this guy who was one of the Righteous Stars, he was so cute as well as the one who danced in L’Echo. Gaahh *drool*. I already have 3 Korean crushes, just on Day 1. I hope we get to know every Korean there well. ‘Til tomorrow!!

Here are some pictures:

Playing the Bamboo Xylophone

Gracias Choir Solo

Gracias Choir singing Bayan Ko

L' Echo

Korean Cultural Fan Dance

Me with my Academy mates


2 thoughts on “DAY 1: IYF World Camp 2010

  1. Hi, can I use some of the IYF pictures for posting in our school publication, particularly those which show essential events such as stage performances/ celebration? I am doing a report about the IYF World Camp in Manila.Thanks.

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