Book-a-holic Shopping Spree!

Yesterday was so fun, I don’t know why I even forgot to blog about it?

Anyway, we were just given assignments yesterday in the National Museum and we have to research information about the San Diego wreck site and the National Museum as well. We stayed in the National Museum for approximately 5 hours, and sadly, no free lunch. 😦 We all thought it was free like in the past 2 days, but it just so happened that Mr. Someone treated us for that. Never mind! I got one of the best places to tour, and it was the San Diego 2 at the Museum of the Filipino People! Thankfully I don’t have to handle the touring all by myself because Erika (from DLSU) will tour half of the San Diego 2 with me. Mrs. Alba actually separated me from Marie so that we could spend more time with other volunteers (not that I don’t do well on this; I am a social butterfly) 😀

And after that, Marie and I went to Cubao to see NBS Main once again, after like a decade from visiting it. It was Marie’s first time though. The books were so cheap that it costed more than 50% off the normal price, and it was just because the covers were folded, damaged (but not badly), or whatever physical damages it may have. But the books are complete– no torn pages! Because of my excitement I bought 7 books, while Marie bought 4. We should definitely get back; just hope I get to see better stuff soon, seems that I got all the good ones already!

Bye! My schedule for the Museum thing is Wed-Fri, visit us if you can!


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