National Museum and Museum of the Filipino People Tour

After the interview, the chosen volunteers (who passed the interview) are required to attend the orientation and tour the following day, and that was YESTERDAY. I was one of them, and Marie was too. When we got there, we were 12 minutes late for the orientation. And I was so happy that almost all of us were there, meaning we all get the job as tour guides!

The orientation started, with Sir Melchor (correct me if I’m wrong?) discussing the history, Vision and Mission of the National Museum. He also showed the different divisions where we might be put, and the Board of Trustees. After the short orientation, we were introduced our tour guide (I forgot his name) for that day. He looked young, like maybe younger than us? Anyway, we went to see Juan Luna’s famous Spoliarium, and the tour guide began discussing about it. History, yeah I needed that if ever I become a tour guide to some visitors someday. The painting was a colossus, so I said, “Sige volunteers, nakawin niyo nga yan!” and we were laughing. We went to see other National Artists’ paintings after that, and the section for animal bones and stuff. Then after touring the National Museum, we were cut to eat our free merienda, which was cheesburger and softdrinks. Yum! And after eating, we went to the Museum for the Filipino People.

At that museum, we saw the diorama for the San Diego wreck site as well as the actual banga and other artifacts that were seen by archaeologists on the site. There were a lot of jars and porcelain materials, they were all beautiful and intricate. Also, we were shown the Paleolitic-Metal Age artifacts in the Philippines, but we were cut because the lights suddenly turned off. We decided we’d just go visit there soon, since we have free admission. 😀

To view the pictures, proceed HERE!

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