The 3rd night I dream of him.

This was a rather bizarre dream compared to the past 2 ones. All I could remember was every person I know were bought to this place, and we were scattered to several different fields. It’s like a huge group was brought on this part of the field, then the next group on the other, et cetera. Meanwhile, it was me and my groups time to be on a part of the field. And then we were here in this– I’d say best part– of the field. Guess who I am with?

The next thing I remember was running along the field. There were apple trees scattered and the sun shone just right. And then there was him, my crush. He was with me all along. He ran after me, and he kept on talking to me (even on the phone in close distance). Soon, I found myself getting along with him so well, and I noticed few of my friends coming over (running as well). And I sat on a hollow/break of a tree.

Sitting there, flashbacks instantly drowned me and I could actually see it vividly on the vast sky I could almost reach. I was blabbering about these flashbacks and HE just listened. And then he talked about the moon, and he said sweet stuff. Can’t remember them but it made my heart float and I know I felt good. Then he suddenly said, “See, I told you I brought the moon with me. It’s beside you.” And the moon, the big moon, the biggest celestial being I saw in my dream, was there shining just 45 degrees and about 2 meters above me. At first I screamed, then he said that it would be okay because he is beside me. Then the phone rang.

It was a friend. He kept on calling, and I couldn’t answer because I know that answering that call would cost me 4 times than a regular call (weird). The numbers on the phone were up to 20, I guess, and there were many buttons. All I could see are 9s. Then the call stopped after 30 minutes, and we just saw that on the lower part of the field (we were at the upper, the best part) was on fire. I saw there my 2 gay friends and they were screaming. I shouted and told them to come stay with us on the upper part. Then the last thing I know, me and HIM were smiling. Whatever. The end.

I was actually smiling when I woke up, but everything was just a dream.


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