While I was on my way home, I have been pondering on things that just happened recently. Somehow I was able to forget all those sad happenings that occurred, and finally SMILE. Smiling just makes me feel better. And I keep on remembering that there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

CARYL. Why did my mom give me this kind of name?

The name Caryl means “Strong”.

I asked my mom when I was a young kid why did she give me that name, considering that I am actually very clumsy in stature. She never gave me an answer. All along, I have forgotten about my name, but then one day, people came int my life to annoy, frustrate, disturb, and depress me. When I was a kid, I used to cry, thus the meaning of my 2nd name Iyah. Then I remembered, these people should not succeed in putting me down. So I learned how to stand tall and fight all these negative entities.

One day when I was in High School, a boy made me cry. It was the first time a boy made me cry. But I didn’t cry hard anymore, because I wanted to stay strong. Then after 3 years, and just recently, another boy made me cry.

Then I finally deciphered my name. I may not be physically strong, but I could be emotionally strong. That’s what Caryl meant. It was not put just like that. The order of my name Jaun Iyah Caryl was not put just like that. Sitting on the bus, I just concluded that after I cry, the more I get stronger.

Thus, the significance in the order of Iyah and Caryl. 🙂

I would not let any man do that to me and make me cry. AGAIN.


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