I just came yesterday from Batangas, and I was so happy because during my stay, everything felt so good that I forgot that one day, everything will turn out the other way.

So there was this boy. Maybe we like each other, but that’s it. I got so comfortable with him that I can’t pass a day without talking to him. I did not know that something will happen again, and it is again, MY FAULT.

Today, I got on-line in Messenger. We talked. It’s fine with me that he rarely talks, it is very understandable. Then he asked me about my status. I asked him back. Told him that if he is torpe then that is him. If he is not, then that is not him. Then he told me he is definitely not torpe. This is the hard part. I was not the one who said that HE is TORPE. It came from his friend. But he actually intended it to be a joke. Seriously.

AND TO YOU: Look, I don’t want to see any commotion between you and your friends just because of what your friend said, but I just wanted to say that I was not the one who told about the torpe thing! I could even show you my message archive to prove it. The status came from a song that your friend shared to me, really. Maybe I do have the intention of pointing that status to you but yes, WHAT DO I REALLY KNOW? It was my mistake that I easily believed what your friend said. Good Lord, I have been doing the wrong things! What is wrong with me? Am I really immature enough to understand everything? No matter how I’d be so careful with my actions, I hurt someone.

But your words are final, I guess. I even dreamt of this.
Let’s just wait and see. TIME, I would just depend on you.

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