I just realized that when I saw Kenji yesterday, I haven’t really given up on him. Even if he had a new haircut that was uncool, I found out that I still like him. I am the kind of person who, when my crush has his hair cut and does not suit him, easily gets turned off and then looks for another. Things have been going on between us but since the day he changed his hair, I’m sorry I’ll withdraw.

On the other hand, I have always had this theory that whenever I was able to see Kenji, I will pass a certain exam. The day I saw him, it was Statistics and ICS7 exam, and WHOA, you would not believe me I find the Statistics exam so easy (because I fail in quizzes) and I passed the ICS7 exam. Really, lucky charm?

And I’m thankful I’m a girl who doesn’t need to trouble herself with hairstyles. 😛


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