A lot of things have been happening lately and most good things happened during and after the UBE* that my classmates held. So yeah, most of the things that happen to my at the moment, I write it in Plurk so I’m very sorry WordPress for not updating.

Bottom line of those good things: It has something to do with the heart world. But it’s not about Kenji or any other Japanese guy I have been crushing on before. I fell to the person I hated because of certain things; the person that I used to like when I was in my 1st year in College; the person who gave me my 1st heartbreak in College.

I won’t give any names. 😀

And also, I have been lounging myself recently to a lot of A Rocket to the Moon songs, even if most of their songs are about ex-lovers.

P.S.: Please pray for us that we would not be failing our final exams, especially in Statistics and Calculus. We need to spend the summer VACATION (not summer classes), and I could not let my parents know that I’ll have summer classes, if in case that happens but I hope it would not.

*UBE = Ultimate Bonding Experience


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