Beautiful Nightmare.

Hanggang sa panaginip ba naman, pangit pa rin ang pagkikita natin?

We went out of the Engineering building towards the catwalk. And I saw Kenji sitting on one of the benches there. It so happened that where he sat and what he wore yesterday was the same as in my dream, only that now, Karla was sitting beside him, and Karla kept on pointing him to me, and I just laughed. So Clarence and I went on, leaving Kenji on that bench.

The time we went out was about dusk, and we were walking very slowly that it was already dark when we reached the Plaza Mayor. We walked around the Main Building, and on the curvature towards Botanical Garden, I saw him walking in front of us, his arm resting on her shoulders. Yes, HE WAS WITH A GIRL.

And the very crazy thing was that, the girl he was with is wearing MY HIGH SCHOOL UNIFORM so I’ve got an idea that I might know her. She had long hair (maybe 2-inches longer than mine), and her hair was done the same way I do to get rid of my bangs. Clarence and I followed them to see what is happening, until there was a helicopter from above, throwing flowers and rose petals at them. Then I heard him say to the girl, “I did that just for you.” I was hit, and in my dream I was infuriating and with rage. I kept on wondering who that girl is.

And then while we followed them all around, I bumped to a girl who was acting like a spy. Turns out, we know each other.
J: I’m sorry!
Girl: Sorry po! Ay… Ate Jaun! Hello po! Ano pong ginagawa niyo dito?
J: More like, anong ginagawa MO dito?
Girl: Ah, tinitignan ko po sila *points at Kenji and that girl*
J: Anong meron?
Girl: Kasi po… May gusto po kasi siya (girl) dun sa lalaking yun, and sakto po kasi, friend ng friend ko yung guy and may gusto din daw po yung guy dun kay girl, kaya po pinag-meet up ko po sila. Mukhang ayos nga po eh. 😀
J: Ah, ganun ba. Sige, una na ko. 😀
Girl: Sige po ate!

Then I just followed. I wanted to cry. I kept on thinking who the girl was. And then all of a sudden, Kenji removed his arm from her shoulders and they held hands. WTFH. YES THEY DID. And after the did that, the girl he was with looked sideways (and I think she looked at me!) and I finally got a glimpse of her face.

SHE WAS MY HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOLMATE 2 LEVELS BELOW ME. She’s pretty, but I used to dislike her because she is such a flirt, but we talk. She calls me Ate Jan. AND HER INITIALS ARE THE SAME AS MINE: J.D.

So they continued to walk, when the skies turned shades of orange, purple, and thunderclaps appeared. We all looked above and a weird spacecraft appeared, and its huge propeller turned.

All of the buildings in UST transformed into a stadium, and everybody was gone, and I was alone with American people in an American game show.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Nightmare.

  1. Sir Anderson said na dreams are the way how our unconscious side express themselves 😀 So baka takot ka lang or nabobother k lng ng idea na may gusto siyang ibang girl and tapos ung girl na un is a tough competition pa 😛 😀 :)) or something like that 😛 HAha. idk 😛 😀 HAha, just trying to sound like Mister Anderson (lmao) (rofl) (evil_grin)

  2. whoa.You AMAZINGLY get to remember the whole story. haha
    owmagad. LUngkot nmn nito.
    you’re dream was real creative though 🙂 hoho.
    Id probably go-PONCH over this for a little while if id have the same dream.

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