It has been a long time since we met.

I have been involved with someone new this year, and HE is mostly what my previous posts (that I got lazy writing) consists of.

Well, if you have been an devotee of my posts, then you should wonder, “What about Nakajima Yuto?

I’ll tell you something.

I dreamt of Kenji and Yuto. It started like this. Me and my friends went to a debut at some place we do not know of, but it is actually the grandest place I have been: Gold-lined chairs, crystal tables, Swarovski fountains, anything that is transparent and clear. I sat in the middle of Angge and someone I forgot, and our table was set in front of the stage. We were like panelists. The next thing I remember was a TV network shot a video of the event, and the odd thing was it was zooming in to our faces, and I don’t know why it should do so.

Then the dream transformed. I was walking on the UST fields sidewalk alone, when I saw Kenji approaching. He was wearing UST Handball’s yellow uniform. I irked at the sight of it because it was fluorescent yellow, and it seemed like he was shining. Then I realized that it was him, and now I’ve finally known his mysterious P.E. class. But in reality he is not a handball student. His shorts in reality were different. LOL, Marie, Janette, and Clarence, you got this. Then he went on the fields and proceeded to the grandstand. Then Marie called me.

I can’t remember what we were doing but we’re obviously talking some stuff and talking about Kenji. I was singing something I read from a newspaper, and while I sang a certain line, Kenji interrupted and sang the next line. And then dream transformed. I was inside the Engineering building.

I was brisk-walking on whatever floor inside the building, like I was looking for someone. Then a classmate bumped to me and told me that I have to interview this particular person about his realizations while he was in India. This particular person, in my dream, was an actor, and he just went back in the Philippines months ago. In reality I don’t know that so-called “actor”. So yeah, I went to that actor‘s section and called him outside. He said he was busy and could not accomodate me at the moment, and he said that if I came there to interview him, I was just wasting my time. Of course, I did not give up. I interviewed him when they were dismissed, and asked him why he came to India and became a model there. He said that when he was a kid, he used to wander near the airport and someone caught him and treated him like their own child. He was afraid at first but became used to it, and then he just found out that his foster parents were from a modeling agency. Blah blah blah, I said thank you and handed down the interview to my classmate. She said I was the only one to convince him to answer the questions. I ran and went inside a room…

And inside that room, I sat down, and talked to a person beside me. “Do you know what Kenji’s section is?” The guy beside me answered, and said, “This is his section.” Then I just realized that the professor was already there, and she was teaching Physics. She called my attention and asked me to answer the problems on the board. I ran, and went to the washroom. I washed my hands, then looked at the mirror in front of me. Then I noticed that outside the CR, someone is doing the same. I realized that it was the boys CR opposite of ours, and I realized that it was Yuto Nakajima inside that CR. He wore a gray 3/4-sleeve shirt, a black necklace, jeans and sneakers. “What is he doing here,” I thought. Then he went out, and I went out as well. I followed him. And while I was following him, Kenji got out of somewhere and is walking towards me. He is wearing his Engineering uniform by now. All I can remember was that Kenji talking to me, and I was talking to Yuto, and he just stared at me and the next thing he did was look at some stuff posted in the huge board in the Engineering lobby.

And I do not know what to do next.

…Following these scenes are weirder stuff (I talked to a ghost who slept in my room who died because of suicide and said she cried 7 pails of tears before killing herself. WTF) THE END.


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