Keepin’ my heart open while I’m only “17”.

JANUARY 22nd on the calendar.
What day is it?
and at the same time…

All right, I was sort of expecting the same thing as last year, where people started greeting me at exactly 12mn, until the sun rise officially on January 22nd. There were not much people who greeted me unlike before, and this is due to my sudden urge to hide notifications about my birthday and hide my real birthday. I heard about my horoscope on the television and it said that I should not get stressed and do any harm on my “back” [as in the back of the body]. Also, it said that it would be better if I have some kaaliwan or… I DON’T KNOW THE ENGLISH. Playmates? LOL! Thanks Kuya Marte Carlo Millo for the suggestion!

Anyway, I’d just provide a rundown of those special people who greeted me on my 17th birthday! I was kind of disappointed that there were few and considering 17 is my favorite number. But anyway, here you go:

  • Elisha Barron, Christine Zarah Garcia, Ger/Lynn (@LJ) – The very first people to greet me in advance. I forgot another one!
  • Emzika Menor — Otanjoubi omedetou! At the same time, officially 1 year ka nang adik kay yuto! :)) oh, saktong 12 yan ah! Btw, feb. 24 release ng 5th single ng hsj. Haha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANII! 😀 labshoo!
  • [12:27am] I’M FIRST! Mwahahaha! Good luck and God bless sa prelims! Happy anniversary sa inyo ni yuto. Lol! And Happy birthday! Goodm0rnight! Ü
  • Timothy James Ortigas – The next person to greet me at 12:30am on Plurk! Because of you, people knew of my birthday. I don’t know if it’s a THANK YOU or not. 😛
  • Alyssa Valoria – Uy, happy birthday! 🙂 [12:45am]

The people who text messaged me at 2 onwards:

  • R.A. Magno – Happy Birthday Janica.ü
  • Janette de Castro – .otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, jaun-chan~!ü
  • Clarence Mojares – . ,gÖÖd morning!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! MRS.YUTO NAKAJIMA ^_^ <_ui, nakangiti sya..haha>
  • Abby Manawat – Hapy bday jani! Enj0y ur day! I wish u all d best in life. Miz u! Haha
  • Louisa Leocadio – Hapy bday jaun!
  • Janine Arboleda – Janica, happy birthday ü
  • Esther de Jesus
  • Mary Ann Climaco – Happy birthday janii! :3 sori nw lng nkbti sbrang busy at rush m0wd kanina xD msta ka na? Haha. have a nc day~
  • Virgil Bennett Cruz – Jaun, happy bday!ü
  • Nezel Kristi Tumaneng – .jaun, pibertdei.ü
  • Christine Zarah Garcia –  She wrote me a novel. I think I’d better keep it. It’s too long. >_<

The people who sang to me when I came into the classroom before IM152 exam:

  • All right, everyone in 2CSD. I hated to be sang that way but I was overwhelmed you put up an effort for it. I love having you as my friends and classmates. And teammates, of course. 😀

The people greeted me at school:

  • Janette de Castro, Raisa Bautista, Elizabeth Paran, Karla Pangilinan, Angge Fernando, Elijah Recto, Marie Lynn delos Reyes, Alyssa Sanchez, Christopher Daniel Flores, Rich Fernandez… madami pa, I forgot na. 😦  //I realized di ako binati ni Clarence sa personal. LOOOOL.

The Y!M People:

  • Juvi Valenzuela,  BJ Batistiana, Jheffer Rabara, Tyron Lucido (di man totoo pero kilig yung pinagsasabe mo, tae), Mary Ann Climaco, Mikolo Ilas

The Plurk People (in no corresponding order):

  • TJ Ortigas, Beth Paran, Jheffer Rabara, Abish Tarrobago, Ces Mejia, Evan Ong, Tyron Lucido, Raisa Bautista, James Abellanosa, John Johnson, Janmar Roque, Jerson Sangoyo, Julirose Supremo, Daphne Yonzon, Stef Tan, Resa Arce, Alyssa Sanchez, Merlinda Manalo, Marielynn delos Reyes, Joanne Estanislao, Marte Millo, Maikko Olaya, Dyan Fermin

The Facebook People:

  • Tyron Lucido, R.A. Magno, Juvi Valenzuela, Marie Lynn delos Reyes, Francis Alarcon, Karla Pangilinan, Emzi Menor, Domeng Ramos, Leah Astronomia, Arianne Solidum, Michelle Galvadores, Sam Iral, Ranier Montallana

And of course, my family.


The people who greeted me January 23 onwards.

  • Paolo Alfonso (tardy as always), Wilwina Bassig, Gerric Gener, Jamae Sanchez, Eldy Azurin, Louise Dalangin. I already forgot some. 😦

Obviously, the list was quite lesser than when I was 16, but it felt great that even though I turned off the notifications, special people still greeted me. Words can not really tell how I feel, and my gratitude. May God bless you all~!

And I saw my crush on this day. My lucky number was 43.
Everytime I go to somewhere, I will always meet him. It happened 4 times, thus, the number 4 in 43.
The 3? Maybe I didn’t pay much attention.

Oh, how I love birthdays. ♥
P.S.: LATE POST! Just in case you’re reading this and you greeted me and I forgot to put you here, please comment and tell WHEN you greeted me. It means a lot. THANK YOU!


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