And it was him, again.

2010 went well on the first week, but when it was already the following days after that, suddenly it was crazy.

The 2nd week was full of quizzes. Almost everyday we had a quiz. My only favorite day that week was Tuesday (because of ICS7L) and Thursday (Basketball).

Nothing much inspired me on these days but I think I was doing well, until it was almost time for Calculus. Last Friday, while we were walking outside the Engineering building, I was chit-chatting with my friends about the conversation we had the other day (which were about death, life after death, etc) and I blurted out, “Umiyak kasi tayo kagabi eh.” and there was the guy wearing a grey-striped cardigan walking towards us. My crush.

It was so funny that last year, December 18, 2009, I was thinking of how he would look like if he has simpler hairdo and jet black hair. I told Clarence that maybe he would not look that cool. And the exact moment I stopped to sit down, there he was, walking and carrying a package, with his hair down and BLACK. Clarence said I was lucky because I saw Emil, then him. I’d rather see HIM. And yeah, that day I saw him walk towards us, he had his hair down and black. He’s still striking. I couldn’t concentrate that I was saying random things to my friends and I was squealing.

SATURDAY: The day after I saw him was Calculus exam. I couldn’t think. I felt that I’d fail. Also on IM152 but I had the feeling I wouldn’t fail. Turned out, I failed Calculus and passed IM152. It was dismissal and I wanted to see him again. Rich, Fifi, and company came to us in the pavilion and started to talk about things. Then all of a sudden, Rich told me to look somewhere. Then I tilted my head to look northwest, and TADA. I saw him again.

SUNDAY: Preliminary Exams on CWTS. I didn’t study. But I passed. I started to think if he really is a lucky charm or not.

TODAY: We have classes on 8am-9am but since I found it hard to wake up early, I came to school at 9.30am. While I was walking to the beat of my mp3, I looked up and I saw him wearing civilian clothes and his gray cardigan. He was smiling when I stared at him.

I never thought I would be so excited about this thing, because after all, I never thought I would actually start to like him. LIKE HIM SERIOUSLY.

I used to joke about this when I saw him on KFC during our first days as a Sophomore and his first days as a Freshman. Never thought it would turn out like this.

I went inside our building to get my exam paper, but to my dismay, the prof was not there. As I rushed outside, I hoped that he was still there, but he wasn’t. I sighed, it’s okay. I went to McDonald’s to meet up with the girls.

And the moment I entered, I scanned the people on the line to see if I know someone there, and YES I KNEW SOMEONE THERE. And it was him, again. The odd thing was he looked at the back and we looked at each other, but I just went on to look for my friends.

I really hope he would inspire me to get a good grade for Calculus prelim exam tomorrow. ♥


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