They say that the number 10 is perfect.

Most of the people I talked to felt that Christmas and New Year was not that vivacious as before, but I’m glad we had a chance to celebrate Christ’s birthday.

2009 is over, so let us continue our lives and forget all the badt things that we did on the past year, and let’s try to make it right this year. We have another chance, and God has given us another year to live. I would just like to thank everybody for all the good/bad things we shared last year.

Thank you to:

  • My High School friends [AzBaCriMaDeCliGaMe] and other batches who were still keeping in touch even if we are on different ways now. I love you guys! I’ve been saying this years ago but I hope it still shouts sincerity.
  • Emzi, thank you for understanding me and forgiving me.
  • My block-mates/semester-mates who I had fun, sad, disappointing, and frustrating days with. Oh, and don’t forget “FAILING” days. But because of you guys, we did not fail. Together, we stood. Ehem, Clarence, Marie, Janette, Phi, Rich, and a lot more.
  • My new friends [internet, imaginary, university, everywhere] who made my life more jolly and made me discover a lot of things.
  • Yuto Nakajima, you are such an inspiration. You make me happy [and I know, other fangirls too] even if I am usually the only one in the group who boys keep their distance from. Even if I don’t see this person, just the thought makes me more alive, and hopeful.
  • My parents, of course, for continuing to snap sermons at me, but teaching me to listen carefully to everything they say. If not because of you, I bet I’d be more hard-headed than how I am now.
  • God. I am thankful for all the blessings, for my life, for the ups/downs… everything. They’re just too many to mention, and even if I do not actually see You, Your presence in my heart keeps me going. You are so powerful that I continue to worship You more than. Thank you.

I’m sorry to:

  • My High School friends [AzBaCriMaDeCliGame] for not being around whenever there are gimmicks. Sorry if I kept on agree-ing but disagree-ing on the day before the said gimmick, but I hope next time I might be there. I wanted to have fun with you guys, maybe on summer? I miss you all!
  • Janette, for always being frank to you, in an obscure manner. Well not really obscure, but I know whenever I get mad at you. Sorry for being tactless [only at you] and ridiculing you at times. But I hope you get what I mean whenever I say something.
  • The boys, for physically and emotionally abusing you through my sharp words, kicks, and punches. Oh, don’t forget the pinches and scratches too.
  • My parents for disappointing you through my grades. I know, majors should always be high but I can’t help it. I kept on getting 3.00 for Programming. I hope it only happens twice. I want it no more. >_<
  • God, for not visiting You every Sunday when I don’t really have something to do. It makes it even harder for me now that Sunday is my only rest day, but I hope my prayers would count. Sorry if sometimes I favor other things above You, like computers and stuff… and not to mention Yuto Nakajima. Sorry if I bombard you with things about Yuto Nakajima and Japan. Sorry for being a mean girl.

Thank you and sorry to everybody. If I forgot to mention you here which, I wish I didn’t do because I made this too general, forgive me. Comment and I shall personally thank/apologize to you.

New Year’s Resolution:

  • Try to avoid being tardy. It’s shameful for a girl. Almost everybody has the reputation that I am always tardy, and could even guess if I’d be tardy for the other days.
  • Avoid using obscure words [which I only learned to use in College] and AVOID abusing people through sharp words [as much as possible]. But I’ll still be frank, sorry.
  • Stop looking at any “above-my-age” materials.
  • Try to avoid fantasizing lewd I wonder why my favorite color PURPLE is synonymous with this word thoughts about Yuto Nakajima. Gee, I hope I’m not the only girl doing this.
  • Stop ridiculing or making lait to other people.

God bless you all, more. 😀


6 thoughts on “2010!

  1. “My new friends [internet, imaginary, university, everywhere] who made…”

    . ,nakakatawa toh…dahil nababangag na ko…nung binabasa ko toh, kala ko sinasabi mo ung mga new friends mo…napaisip ako bigla…bkit may ‘imaginary’?!?…HAHAHAHA …. :)) =)) ang stupid! kainis… :)))

    anyway, ponch is right..mababwasan pagkaJAUN mo…pag nabawasan ang violence sa iyo… :)) 😉 😀

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