Christmas is NEAAAR!

It’s almost Christmas. 3 DAYS!

And I have to make this fast because I’d be out of town in a few hours!

  • First, it’s rest day but we have a heck of things to prepare for school. Extemporaneous Speech on 1st day of classes,IT103L homework, etc. Isn’t it supposed to be vacation?
  • I’ve been pissed off to some people at school but since it’s Christmas season and it’s a season for love-giving, I forgave them and forgave myself for thinking such bad things. I don’t want foes, I welcome friends.
  • We attended UST PASKUHAN 2009-2010 and as always, it was GREAT! Too bad I haven’t won a mini-notebook. Oh well. I have pictures at MULTIPLY and a fireworks display video at YouTube.
  • I have a PLURK account, the site that I used to hate before: PLURK ME! [Oh, and it’s not private. Social sites aren’t really supposed to be private, I suppose. After all, you are posting on the  internet.]
  • A lot of changes are happening and NEWRELATIONSHIPS are starting! I couldn’t believe that… Hmm never mind, we’ll see what happens next. *coughs at Ponch and Marie Lynn.
  • I became too much infatuated with SUN TEA, NOH? that I almost forgot about NY. But since Emzi was there to give me updates, then it’s back. HEY, IT WAS NEVER GONE! I can never erase NY. NEVER.
  • I HAVE AN MP3 VERSION OF ROMEO and JULIET! The songs just to cute, so download it HERE!

And that’s all, folks! I’m rushing for Christmas. I haven’t even gotten some rest yet. So I am wishing you all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope we all end our year in a great way, and welcome 2010 in a greater way.

Sorry I’m not making sense but I hope you got what I mean.
Sweetest regards to all my readers (IF ANY!) and GOD BLESS! ♥

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