「LATE POST」お誕生日おめでとう、知念侑李!

Happy Birthday Chinen Yuri!

First, I would like to greatly apologize, Chinen, for somehow kind of forgetting to celebrate your birthday. But somehow, I indirectly celebrated because you have the same birthday as my uncle’s, and 3 days after your birthday was a grand celebration of Raisa Bautista’s 18th birthday. Don’t worry, we ate a lot of great things for you. Best wishes!

And to tell you, so far this is my favorite graphic. Yuto’s should be the grandest (I’m BIASED!) but oh well. No one could beat Chinen’s kawaii-ness!

P.S.: I hope again, that someone from Johnny’s Entertainment would be able to see this, along with Yuto and Yamada‘s.


7 thoughts on “「LATE POST」お誕生日おめでとう、知念侑李!

  1. お誕生日おめでとう 知念くん!

    Chinen’s face from the Hey! Say! PV looks different from the magazine scan [which I’m sure is Duet September, the magazine which contains the stalker guide xD], but either way, he’s still cute! In fact, so cute, it’s so unfair! xP

    Happy sweet 16th Birthday, Chinen! 😀

    [And I swear, with that cuteness, he can still be a jail bait even up to age 20. xD]

    • srsly? i guess i haven’t seen that scan yet. O_o
      anyhow, yes he is sooooooo cute!!

      i bet he would never even get to jail… especially if he does a wink. LOOOL!

      • Haha! The cuteness is effortless~! GRRRRR…

        HAHA! I think most of the HSJ members would go to jail then. xDDDDD

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